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      Welcome To Zhejiang Sun Electrical Science And Technology Co.,Ltd.!
      Home   /   Electronic   /   Census? Tags   /   TC5 Wrist Tag

      TC5 Wrist Tag

      TC5A Wrist Tag

      TC5 Wrist Tag

      Hands Free Reading Range;

      Very Fast Identification of Uniquely Numbered Tags (typically 55/sec);

      Accurate Identification (1:100 million error rate worst case);

      No Tag Separation Necessary;

      Replaceable Battery;

      Reads Through Any Material (other than metal) Without Loosing Range;

      Numerous Applications.



      The TC5 is an extremely versatile hands free tag which is normally supplied in a wrist tag housing suitable for attachment to a hospital identity bracelet or nylon wrist strap designed for watches. The tag components are incorporated in a coin shaped screw in module. This design provides OEM’s with the perfect building block for custom designed housings, opening up new market opportunities in both traditional security markets and the automatic identification sector.

      The TC5 tag is the latest in a range of tags and readers manufactured by Identec Ltd and which make up the Cryptag Census product line. Designed with the OEM market in mind the TC5 tag enables clients to cover numerous applications with a single tag design simply by switching the housing for each tag. The TC5 tag is suitable for wrist and ankle tags, fob tags and disk tags.

      The current wrist / ankle tag design provides a waterproof seal. The replaceable battery provides typically 1 years operational life based upon 6 minutes interrogation daily. The tag provides a warning via the readers when the battery requires changing. Unlike other Cryptag Census tags the TC5 will operate in very close proximity to other TC5 tags without reducing the speed of reading.


      Dimensions46 x 37 x 10mm
      Dimensions of tag insert35mm dia, 4mm high
      Temperature range-20 to +60°C (non condensing)
      HousingBlack ABS
      Weight with case (without case)12g (5g)

      Ordering Information

      Ordered as TC5 (TC5A - USA system).


      The product is suitable for numerous applications, they include but are not limited to:

      Tool Tracking;

      Key Tracking;

      Sample Tracking;

      Document Tracking;

      Patient Tracking;

      Wanderer Control.


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