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      Welcome To Zhejiang Sun Electrical Science And Technology Co.,Ltd.!

      ELC1A Label Reader

      ELCx Label Reader

      ELCx Label Reader

      Hands Free operation (500 mm or 1.0 metre);

      Multiple Identification (8 tags max);

      Low Cost Slim Profile;

      Single Piece Reader;

      Simple Installation;

      Indoor/Outdoor use;

      Secure Data Exchange;

      1:100 Million Error Rate;

      Wiegand, Clock & Data or Serial Output;

      CE, DTI & FCC Approved.



      The Cryptag® Census® "Label" reader can simultaneously interrogate tags up to 1.0 metre from the readers face. The range can be reduced to 500mm using a selector link. The RF communications between each Cryptag® Census® tag and reader is scrambled to eliminate the chance of simulated
      tokens being used.

      The "Label" reader is suitable for flush mounting directly on a wooden door when it produces a profile of 4.5mm. A 10mm spacer is provided to enable surface mounting on glass or other surfaces. The unit is designed to secure directly to a standard electrical switch back box for flush mounting on a wall. It is also suitable for pole mounting when used for car park applications.

      The reader can be configured with a number of output options including "open format" 26 bit Wiegand, special format Wiegand or Clock & Data. These outputs are complemented with an RS232 compatible serial output as standard, thus enabling two data acquisition systems to be
      addressed simultaneously.


      Power requirements6 to 18 volts DC @ 70mA
      Dimensions214 x 163 x 4.5mm
      Temperature range-20°C to +60°C (non condensing)
      HousingBlack ABS with Polycarbonate label insert
      LED function

      RED internally controlled
      GREEN externally controlled
      Noise indication, Data Sent Indication

      Output FormatsELC1 - Standard 26 bit Wiegand
      ELC2 - Customer specific formats
      (Wiegand, Clock & Data and Serial Data)
      Terminations10 way screw terminal

      Reading ranges vary with the type of tag and the reader model used, please refer to the Cryptag® Census® Products Matrix for further information.

      Ordering Information

      Ordered as ELC1 (ELC1A - USA systems) for open 26 bit Wiegand Reader or ELC2 (ELC2A - USA systems) and any variant.


      The product is suitable for numerous applications, they include but are not limited to:

      Hands Free Access Control;

      Car Parking Control.


      Add:No.189 Keji Rode, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province

      Tel:(+86) 0574-63976333 / 63976335 / 63976336 / 63976388

      Fax:(+86) 0574-63976326



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