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      Welcome To Zhejiang Sun Electrical Science And Technology Co.,Ltd.!

      CR1A Hands Free Reader

      CR1A Hands Free Reader

      CR1A Hands Free Reader

      Hands Free Operation (Up to 3.0 metre with external aerial);

      Internal or External Aerial;

      Tag Battery Low Indication;

      Fast Multiple Tag Reading. (Maximum 55/sec.);

      Secure Data Exchange.;

      1:100 Million Error Rate;

      Wiegand or Clock & Data and Serial output;

      Reverse Polarity Protection;

      CE, DTI & FCC Approved.



      The CR1 Census® reader comprises a single loop aerial and reader electronics which are compatible with all Cryptag® Census® tags. The radio-frequency communications are scrambled. The unit is supplied with an internal aerial that provides a maximum detection zone of 1.2 metres when used with standard TC1 Census® tags. Detection zone may be increased by the use of an external aerial. A reading range of up to 3.0 metres is possible using a 2 metre square external
      antenna (See Cryptag® Census® Product Matrix for further information).

      All CR1 readers provide Wiegand or Clock & Data, as well as RS232 output. Advanced features include local alarm outputs, print option and an optional counter display (See IDN1, EDN1 for further information). MatchMaker reader firmware enables tag pairing.


      Power requirements12-26 Volts @ 200mA
      Dimensions300 x 230 x 80mm
      Temperature range-20 to +60°C (non condensing)
      HousingCharcoal Grey ABS case
      LED functionRED internally/externally controlled
      AMBER internally/externally controlled
      GREEN internally/externally controlled
      Noise indication, Data Sent Indication
      Output FormatsWiegand or Clock & Data & RS232
      Terminations2.5mm removable connectors

      Ordering Information

      Ordered as CR1 (CR1A - USA system).


      The product is suitable for numerous applications, they include but are not limited to:

      Hands Free Access Control;

      Car Parking Control;

      Personnel Identification;

      Personnel &amp; Product Tracking;

      Sports Timing.


      Add:No.189 Keji Rode, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province

      Tel:(+86) 0574-63976333 / 63976335 / 63976336 / 63976388

      Fax:(+86) 0574-63976326



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