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      Welcome To Zhejiang Sun Electrical Science And Technology Co.,Ltd.!
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      NPF215B ceramic separation wheel feeder

      New design yarn feeding tensioner, can efficiently reduce damage to yarn.

      Lightweight yarn feeding probe is designed by lever principle, which can be adjusted according to use requirements in order to avoid the influence of probe's self weight on yarn feeding.

      Designed of ceramic two-way separation wheel, with high smooth finish and good wearability of yarn passing surface can realize two-way separation yarn storage. It is suitable for super fine and special yarn.

      Adopt LED, working voltage can be adaptive.

      Alibaba Shop
      Select high quality ceramic material and use advanced production and processing technology, make NPF215B with high precision and excellent wearability which can meet the requirements of surface smooth finish and wearability during yarn feeding.

      Add:No.189 Keji Rode, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province

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