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      Welcome To Zhejiang Sun Electrical Science And Technology Co.,Ltd.!

      Yarn Meter

      YM-L Yarn Meter Monitor


      Fire-new design YM-L Yarn Meter Monitor adopts high precision sensor and single-chip sensor and single-chip microsomputer technology, can greatly improve the real time monitoring precision of yarn feeding length for big diameter circular knitting machine. And alarm and stop whe the yarn length exceeds the setting value.

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      High measurement precision and sensitive response.

      With sensitive response and without multi-circle accumulation, YM-L uses high precision sensor to ensure the measurement value to reach 0.01cm of each circle.

      Good human-computer interaction function.

      Dot matrix OLED, display rich contents (Chinese, English and others), clear and intuitive.

      Good human-computer interaction function.

      OLED and 5 direction keys work together, can quickly set and browse yarn length parameters.

      Store and call the stored fabric parameter.

      Call, browse, modify and copy the fabric parameter.

      Fabric yarn length parameters can be named by Chinese, Eglish, numbers and other characters.

      With networking and host computer communication function.

      Through CAN communication port networking, can real time monitoring the current yarn length, alarm and stop whe the yarn length exceeds the allowed range.

      Can be networked or directly conncted to computer, and set, browse, modify and copy the fabric parameters through special software.


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